NBL Vitolo’s story began in Rome after World War Two, when the first generation of craftsmen in our family decided to focus on leather bags and other leather products. More than 40 years have passed since then, but our passion and commitment has never wavered. Our most important values are customer satisfaction and observance of strict standards in the areas of design and quality.

In addition to the historical production of crafted leather, a division has been created dedicated to gadgets and merchandising. A business that has developed quickly: we are known in the international market for our seriousness, reliability and excellent product quality. Thanks to our international network of partners, we are able to meet a very wide range of corporate promotion needs with innovative, flexible and rapid solutions.

We offer a complete service, ranging from consultancy to design, research, production and logistics, making and supplying gadgets and leather items. We specialise in the supply of work clothing and personal protection equipment (PPE), providing stylish and practical clothing for all professions. We can help to build your corporate event, taking care of all phases and providing a turnkey service.

Our main premises, covering a surface area in excess of 1,000 sq.m, are located in Rome, in the commercial centre called Commercity, where you can view over a thousand examples of promotional items available in our warehouse.




Our company holds ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, these are guarantees for a quality management system that conforms to international standards for environmental protection and occupational health and safety. All our promotional items meet safety, compliance and certification parameters in observance of European directives and regulations.

Our idea of corporate responsibility is not limited to guarantees of quality for the products and services we offer, but extends to environmental protection. We have ISO 14001 certification that bears witness to our ecofriendly policies, committed to reducing waste and incentivising the knowing use of resources, both in our offices and in the activities and promotional items we offer our customers, giving priority to ecosustainable gadgets that have a reduced environmental impact.

NBL Vitolo srl consistently provides opportunities to individuals irrespective of gender and other distinguishing factors. The company has incorporated principles of gender equality and respect for diversity into its corporate objectives, aligning with the standards outlined in UNI/PDR 125:2022. The primary aim is not only to enhance female representation in the workplace but also to ensure equal career prospects, fair economic treatment, work-life balance tailored to different life stages, and proactive measures for equitable distribution of family responsibilities between men and women. Additionally, the company strives to foster a work environment that eschews stereotypes, discrimination, physical, verbal, or digital abuse, instead fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion.
To uphold these principles, NBL Vitolo srl has consistently committed to:
•    Cultivating an environment that celebrates each person's uniqueness and acknowledges the valuable contributions of every team member.
•    Ensuring that everyone receives dignified and respectful treatment, with zero tolerance for intimidation, bullying, harassment (including sexual harassment), or mistreatment of employees in the workplace or related settings. Violators of these practices are subject to disciplinary action.
•    Encouraging individuals who experience intimidation, discrimination, harassment, or mistreatment to voice their concerns, assuring protection from potential retaliation.
•    Regularly reviewing all hiring and development practices and procedures to maintain fairness.
Consequently, decisions related to selection, hiring, promotions, compensation policies, employee development (such as training), and all aspects of working conditions are made without regard to age, ethnicity, color, gender, geographic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
The organization ensures gender equality through tangible actions that not only comply with the requirements and indicators specified in UNI PdR 125:2022 but are also genuinely valued by the women involved, the true stakeholders in the results produced by the management system.
To achieve these objectives, the organization focuses on the following aspects:
•    Selection and hiring (recruitment)
•    Career management
•    Salary equity
•    Parenthood
•    Work-life balance
•    Prevention of abuse and harassment
For each aspect, the organization has established specific policies, subject to periodic analysis and verification for revising associated procedures. Each policy is linked to verified and verifiable processes and parity objectives that are achievable, specific, and measurable, as indicated in the strategic plan developed in collaboration between top management and the Steering Committee, with input from responsible individuals in relevant functions.
To ensure the necessary actions are implemented, the organization has appointed a coordination officer as a reference point for the entire company population on the subject. The policy will undergo regular monitoring and revision to ensure continuous promotion of equality and diversity in the workplace.
In pursuing and sustaining these objectives, the organization directs its efforts toward the areas outlined by UNI 125:2022 practice:
•    Culture and strategy
•    Governance
•    HR processes
•    Opportunities
•    Remuneration equity
•    Parenthood
Date: 01/12/2023